Next Chapter in PHPStan Saga

PHPStan wouldn’t be so popular and so good today if it wasn’t open-source. Everyone can try it out by installing it through Composer and also contribute to it by sending a pull request on GitHub. More than 120 people helped improve PHPStan. I’d very much like this trend to continue so don’t worry, PHPStan will stay open-source and I will continue to work on it in this form. Of course, the elephant in the room is monetization. Right now, I’m accepting money through Patreon, release sponsorships and one-time donations on PayPal. It brings in only one or two months worth of salary per year, which is nice, but not nearly enough to go full-time and support my family. Which is why I came up with the idea of PHPStan in the form of SaaS and I think it’s a great fit. It’s going to be based on the open-source version so I will still have incentives to make it as awesome as possible.